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Why would I need Amaturematch .com

I talked to several people online about their thoughts on amaturematch .com to found they all had totally differing opinions. I'll let you figure your own out this time around.

"It's the best site I've been to in years. It showed me that there is life after going through a marriage which ended horribly. I really like what the site has to offer. It's so much more than most would ever think. The first time I went there I was totally blown away by the great way they advertise and treat their customers. Amaturematch .com also has some of the best content I've ever seen. You may not look to professionalism within a site like this, but I do. I have been creating web sites for years and found that the problem isn't whether or not there is good stuff on the site, but how it's organized and the ease of use. They have great ease of use and I can't wait to get back there later on tonight." Peter

"amaturematch .com is ok at best. I have seen sites out there that really take things to the next level and while I do agree with what Peter says above  that it is totally organized and looks nice, the problem is that it does not have great content. As we are moving faster and faster into better technologies, their video sites are less than extraordinary in comparison to something you may see on one of the bigger sites. Overall, I'd put it in the top 100, but probably not top 50 of my favorite sites to go to." Jer

"It's kind of gross. I am not sure how I feel about the site although it's my first time being on a site like this. It's like amaturematch .com is trying to go for more of a casual audience but then they have some stuff that I have never seen before. It wasn't the worst stuff I've seen and maybe I need to be less of a prude but I personally didn't like it." Stacie

"Best site I've seen in a long time." Frankie

"Disturbing but also a little entertaining." Don

"Ok, so let me tell you how I first came to the site then I'll get into my opinion on it. For years, I'd been looking for a site to go to where I won't be judged and wont' feel all grossed out. I want people that go to the site to be people with similar interests. After meeting a lot of girls online, I wasn't finding girls that met my standards of being more adventurous and also being a little younger than the other singles websites. I was typically meeting girls in their 30's when I would rather be with a girl in her early 20's. I found this site to have the kinds of women I was looking for and much more abundantly than what others were finding.

As a preface to why I was on amaturematch .com to being with, I should tell you that I also was married once before and have 2 kids in their teens now. My wife died 5 years ago and now I'm 42. At first I was thinking I needed to be with a women on my level intellectually and she would have to be at least 35 or so. What I have come to learn is that there are a lot of girls in their early to mid 20's that have exactly what I'm looking for. I like that I can meet these girls at a place where they are looking for an older guy too. It's always made me feel weird that I can't just walk up to a 23 year old girl at the bar because I would get a weird look or be the old guy. This all started to change for me when I moved out to California and started to see this kind of thing all the time. Sure some of the younger women are looking for older guys because they assume he will have money. That's okay with me because I like that they don't have wrinkles. Maybe that's a shallow and superficial way to look at things but it's the way I do and many others do too. What I think is funny is just that they are not willing to admit it even though they are doing the exact same thing. From the first time I started dating a 25 year old, my daughters both hated it but now they are starting to come around to the idea more and more. They certainly don't know I'm on amaturematch .com to find them nor do they need to know that but I do think I can meet someone of quality that has everything I'm looking for from the site. If I can, you probably can too." Hank

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